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E-Commerce portal & Kiosk application

This e-commerce application is live in many states in USA and provides rent-to-own furniture and appliances. Based on the feedback and marketing strategies, the client wanted new features in their web portal and kiosk applications for better authentication of a renter and an easy-to-use system for their Spanish customers. 

User experience lead. 


  • Conduct interviews to gather requirements from client.

  • Sketch and prototype application designs.

  • Conduct heuristic evaluation to suggest re-design of the interface.

  • Prepare A/B testing prototypes for better experience to Spanish users.

  • Review the design with client and present in final demo.​

Skills used
Heuristic Evaluation, user research, wireframing.


I was given the responsibility of UX in later stages of this project and I handled it very efficiently for which I was given an award too. 

I suggested heuristic evaluations and A/B testing for Spanish customers.

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