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Airline/Airport application

#Case Study

This application’s foundation lays on the pain points and cluelessness of a flight passenger in airports during long layovers. The passenger should be able to make mini airport-itinerary based on their layover time and their dynamic position at the airport. 
However the “wow” factor of this application is its inflight mode, which can be accessed through the inflight Wi-Fi connection. A passenger can see not just flight amenities but also get to know fellow passengers or discuss their favorite places so as to plan their itinerary better. Overall, this application will provide a “digital buddy” experience to a passenger from the time they plan their trip till the time they leave the airport.   

User researcher.


  • Conduct user research on various pain points of flight travelers.

  • Sketch application design based on the findings. 

Skills used
User research, sketching.


Through this application I accomplished to stretch my thinking to unchartered areas of flight experience. 

Team members

Pragati Chauhan.

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