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This was my first proper UX project. I got to handle one of the modules on my own. Loved the experience. 

Bank corporate web portal

The current web portal serves corporates via web and mobile channels. It is in need of an upgrade to current design technologies with simple, relevant and intuitive user experience along with enhancements to functional capabilities. 

User researcher, Interaction Designer. 


  • Conduct interviews to gather requirements from client.

  • Research on various approaches for modern Business2Customer websites.

  • Sketch and prototype interfaces and analytical graphs.

  • Handle 2 modules independently while following all the processes of UX design.

  • Review the design with client and present in final demo.

Skills used
Paper prototyping, sketching, wireframing, responsive web design.


Being fairly new to UX during this project, I had to slog for 14-15 hours a day for months just to improve my wireframing skills. Even though I doled out 10-12 different wireframes for each page, I was able to grasp these skills quickly and efficiently apply them in my work. I successfully completed 2 modules while following all the processes, from getting requirements from clients till the final wireframe. 

Team members

Amrita Chang, Shweta Rashinkar, Guncha Kesharwani, Keshav Abrol, Dinesh, Bhuwin Khursija, Preethi Bayya.

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