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About me



Hi! I am Ankita, but I also go by Anki.

I am an Experience Designer with consulting and product background. I am currently working at Intuit (QuickBooks Time) as a senior product designer.

Outside of work I am practicing latte art, reading manga and taking care of my dog.


QuickBooks Time at Intuit

QuickBooks Time is an external tool used by small businesses to track their employees' work hours. I redesigned the onboarding experience for these admins by creating a guided setup and highlighting time tracking features.
This experience is launched to 100% of QuickBooks Online Payroll users. This launch resulted in:

  • improving adoption of time tracking by 5%

  • number of timesheets created by employees increased by 5%

  • number of admins inviting employees to track time increased by 5%

  • increased usage in time tracking features that were hidden in the existing product

Dashboard for C-suite executives to review brand performance


Connecting patients and providers, through conversations

#UserResearch #ServiceDesign

Improving wait room experience in hospital emergency rooms


Connecting dog lovers with dogs(and their owners)

#UserResearch #UserExperienceDesign

Work Projects
Personal Projects


Visualized my smile patterns collected over a period of 1 week


An online buddy for marathon motivation


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